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CMNS 302: Communication in History

Communication Studies 302: Communication in History introduces you to a series of historical moments in the development of communication technology. It situates technological innovation within the social, psychological, and cultural framework of the historical period. As a survey course, Communication in History selects certain innovations as representative. You might well ask, "Representative of what?" The course has definite biases, principally towards Western culture, the twentieth century and, where possible, the Canadian experience. In its readings and commentaries, it does try to stretch this framework somewhat, but the six-month course time-frame forces us to be highly selective. We encourage you to push the boundaries beyond those we have set, both in this course and in other courses in your program of study.

Along with Communication Studies 301: Communication Theory and Analysis and Communication Studies 401: Cultural Policy in Canada, Communication Studies 302 is intended to ground Communication Studies students in the field. The course introduces you not just to the development of communication technology, but to some of the main scholarly debates about those technologies. The history of communication technology is as much about ideas and practices as it is about events and things. We expect you will be forming your own ideas as you encounter those of others.

Please read the Course Syllabus for a full description of the course.

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