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For program information or advice:

AU Student Advising (All AU programs, including all BPA majors)

Phone: 1-800-788-9041
Submit a question via our Online Form

For program information including advice about program structure, eligibility, transferring credits, planning your coursework, financing, or other administrative concerns, including questions such as

Can I transfer a program that is not in the Transfer Credit Database?

Does my diploma in ______________qualify me for the program?

Where do I send my transcripts?

What would be required to complete the degree if I enter with a 60 credit transfer?

What if I have 60 credits from another university but not a diploma? Can I apply to the program without having a total of 60 credits?

What courses will I need to take? When can I start?  Where is the application form?

I have 40 credits. Can I apply to Athabasca University as a General Studies student and later enter the Communication Studies program when I have earned 20 more for a total of 60?

Are all your courses online? How many do I have to take at one time? When does term start?

Where can I find information about fees and student loans?

(Please note that the answers to many of these kinds of questions can be found on our website.)

AU Student Advising (Communication Studies)

Program Coordinator, Communication Studies
please contact:

For other concerns specific to Communication Studies academic course content, project courses,  coursework success, evaluation methods, career directions, or other questions related to your academic work such as:

Are your courses mainly applied practical information or more academic, theoretical and critical approaches?

Will this degree qualify me for graduate study in other universities? What fields will be open to me for further study?

Are the instructors in the program practicing professionals in communications fields?

How will knowledge gained in your program help me to advance in a particular career?

Do you offer courses without final examinations? What are the typical assignments?

How much reading is there for a typical course? How long should the coursework take?

I am not sure if I am prepared for online education; can you advise me as to what qualities and skills are necessary for success?

I have been working in the field of ______________ for several years, where my main responsibilities were _____________. Do I qualify for the professional experience requirement?

Do you have courses on the mass media that offer training in production?

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