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Communication Studies

Media Literacy


You can view the CMNS 315 and EDUC 315 course descriptions here.

  • CMNS 315: Understanding Media Literacy

    A basic assumption of the course is that media literacy helps children to an informed understanding of the nature of the mass media, its techniques, and effects. More specifically, media literacy increases their understanding and enjoyment of how the media works: how it is organized, how it produces meaning, and how it constructs reality. The course aims to provide the means by which teachers and others can foster media literacy in children so that they can critically analyze and evaluate the form and content of media, create media, communicate using media, and understand its use and purpose.

  • EDUC 315: Understanding Media Literacy

    Designed for teachers, parents, and students of communication, this course in media education recognizes that, although mass media has come to dominate many aspects of our society, children have few opportunities to develop media literacy skills in formal settings.

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